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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Beyond (Performance Piece)


'Of Italian origin, trained in classical dance, but also in the techniques of Marta Graham and Merce Cunningham at the International Dancer’s Center in Rome.

She has studied dance with multiple choreographers throughout Europe, notably:
Boris TonĂ¯n,cie Danzacompagnie Luca Bruni, Mark Baldwin pour l'opera contemporaine Romanza (Teatro dell'Opera di Roma), Milena Zullo, Alessandra Luberti, Serge Keuten, Patricia Alzetta .

In Italy, she obtained a Masters in Dance History in the Department of Art, Music, and Spectacle (D.A.M.S.) at the University of Letters and Philosophy of Bologna. In 2009, she obtained a diploma in Notation of Benesh Movement at the CNSDMP.

Beyond is her second creative project, after having presented, in 2007, Soffio, solo for three voices, an emotional work about the journey inside.

Grazia also teaches a contemporary approach to classical dance and organizes workshops in choreographic composition and reconstruction.'

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